Documenting complex relationships

The Relationship Review Tool was a new product that HSBC were looking to launch. We were tasked with creating designs to show the key journeys for the tool which would then be built by a third-party.

It needed to allow Relationship Managers to very quickly document the structure and other key information for relationships. There could be many entities within that relationship, all of which have many owners.

Review would take place with clients through the form of a phone call or face to face meeting to capture this information and there would often be repetition of content, so there needed to be an efficient way to copy content to other entities.

Relationship Managers would have a number of clients and so there needed to be a way of seeing the progress and priority of reviews.


Understanding relationship structures

This was a highly complex product, so it was important to understand how detailed these relationships could be and where repetition occurred. We spent time interviewing several Relationship Managers to see how they currently documented this information, where there were pain points and what they were looking for from the tool.

We continued to engage with these users throughout the process to ensure the solution was intuitive and met their needs. We created a number of prototypes to test with the users to gain valuable feedback into how we could improve the journey.


Delivering a solution

We created high fidelity designs and a prototype to show the key journeys for the tool.

The final experience was met with positive feedback by stakeholders and users.

"James solved difficult UI design challenges under tremendous time pressure without losing his characteristics sense of humour and showing impressive client management skills."

Elroy Terzol
Senior UX Designer, Heath Wallace

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