Merging sites

The main requirement was to merge the content and functionality from the existing corporate brand site, products and solutions from a number of sites, and access to transactional services.

The existing sites all had separate stakeholders and managed by different teams and so there were clear inconsistencies in branding, content quality and UIs. There was also a need to involve a lot of stakeholders throughout the process, with challenging discussions around content priority and functionality.

The existing sites were all using Sitecore 8 and there was a desire to migrate the content onto Sitecore 9.


Auditing existing content

Firstly, we needed to audit and group existing content from the sites to see where there was overlap so we could define how the content could be structured on the new site. We found that content could be broken into three clear categories – Group (information on core values, history etc.), Products (information on solutions and expertise) and Customer Service (access to booking, quotes, contact etc.)

We also audited the components used across the sites to determine what component were used, their functionality and where there was duplication. We found there was an opportunity to merge a lot of components as well as to improve the way in which some content could be presented.


Component led design

We took a component led approach to creating the new site. Once we had defined a list of the required components and their functionality, we broke the site down into sections, starting with the homepage. This allowed us to focus on groups of components in situ, looking at them conceptually at first, then through to fully documented high fidelity designs which we fed through to the development team.

As we then worked through subsequent sections of the site, we had more and more of the components readily available allowing for us to focus on the outstanding components and auditing any additional functionality to the existing ones that may have been overlooked.


Improved experience and  relationships

We created a full set of well documented, reusable components in Sitecore 9. We worked closely with stakeholders across the business to ensure the look and feel and functionality worked across the new site. The feedback from stakeholders was extremely positive and the components continue to evolve as new functionality is required.

The relationship with Brand and the Content teams also grew as a result of the regular workshops to collaborate and review progress.

"James made a very significant contribution to the development of the UI at Maersk, being one of the pillars of our team developing functionality and components for the content slice of the platform. He deftly dealt with everything thrown his way, and produced beautiful, effective, lasting work."

Alex Livingstone
Head of Customer Experience, Maersk

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